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Red Bookmark 2

Red Bookmark 2

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This sturdy eco friendly bookmark / page marker is approx. 21cm x 6cm (8 1/4" x 2 3/8") and a few millimetres thick.
There are no sharp edges or protruding embellishments so it won't damage the pages of your book.
It is made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled card, covered and decorated with various handmade papers. The papers I use are a mix of fair-trade handmade papers as well as papers I have made myself by recycling junk mail and other paper scraps. On some papers, I have used various embossing and inking techniques to create beautiful raised patterns.

The tassel is made of various lengths of knitting wool and other fibre scraps, which I find in op shops and garage sales.

The texture of the handmade papers means that these bookmarks not only look beautiful but they also feel so lovely to hold and touch.

These bookmarks are made to order, and each one is unique, as no two pieces of handmade paper are exactly alike, and pattern placement may vary.  The fibres in the tassel may also vary depending on what I have available in my stash. But the differences will be small and the overall design and quality will be the same.
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