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Little Book of Smiles Journal Red Orange

Little Book of Smiles Journal Red Orange

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Looking for a unique and special gift?
This beautiful little book makes the perfect memory journal / happiness journal to allow you to focus on all the wonderful happy and fun things in your life.
The poem inside sums it up:

This little book is a special place to record things that make you smile.
From big events, to those little moments that happen once in a while.

Perhaps a pressed flower from a favourite walk or a photo from a fun-filled day,
Memories of an amazing trip or the funny things little kids say

Write it, glue it or just tuck it in between these little pages
so you can cherish your happy memories and keep them safe for ages.

Then someday, if you’re feeling blue or life seems like a trial,
Just open up this little book and find something to bring back your smile

This gorgeous little book would make a lovely gift for someone special or a little treat for yourself.

Approximately 12cm x 17cm x 2cm in size (4 3/4" x 6 3/4" x 3/4")

Hand-bound with coptic stitch in natural hemp thread.

Made from 100% recycled board covered in beautiful Nepalese handmade papers and embellished with a salvaged button and natural hemp tie to keep the book securely closed. The tie features two of my own hand-rolled paper beads.

The book has 96 pages (counting both sides) in various colours to coordinate with the cover, and there are also 6 handmade paper envelopes stitched into the binding throughout the journal to stash your little notes, tickets or other treasures.

Inside the front cover there is a copy of the poem above.

These books are made to order and each one is unique, as no two pieces of handmade paper are exactly alike, and I use whatever suitable matching buttons I have at the time it is created. The book you receive may look slightly different to the one pictured here for this reason, and pattern placement on the papers may vary. But please be assured that any differences will be small and the overall design and quality will be the same.

I can make these books in a variety of different colours, so if you would like to order something in particular, please contact me.
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