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A5 Music Notebook Dark Green

A5 Music Notebook Dark Green

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The perfect notebook for musicians and composers.

Sturdy handmade paper cover

130 pages (counting both sides) of 100% recycled paper 

printed with music staff lines - 8 staves per page

Plenty of room to create your next musical masterpiece!


Choose your page options:

Natural grey pages - 100% post consumer waste recycled paper made in Australia. 105gsm

White pages - 100% recycled (75% post consumer waste) made in Europe. 135gsm


You may also choose between having music staves on all pages or alternating music / blank pages

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Customer Reviews

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Gift for Valentine's Day

My partner loved it. He likes being able to write notes for ideas for his electronic music and using the music pages either to flesh out his ideas more or for ideas for his saxophone. He loved it when he saw it and thought it looked so nice :)

Thanks Celestina! I love that my notebook is helping to inspire your partner's musical creativity :)