Is My Recycled Paper Fountain Pen Friendly?

Do you like to use fountain pens in your journals?  I'm often asked if the recycled paper I use for the pages in my notebooks is OK for fountain pens. And the answer is YES!

The paper (especially the white recycled paper) behaves quite nicely with fountain pens, with very little feathering of the ink or scratching of the nib. Of course, there are many different pens out there and some will perform better than others on different media, but I have many customers who are happily using fountain pens in their DYANI / Little Deer Studio books. 

But don't just take my word for it.  One of my customers shared his experience on Instagram...

doodle art created with fountain pens in Little Deer Studio notebook

comment by inksanddrink on Instagram

doodle art by inksanddrink on recycled paper in Little Deer Studio notebook

By the way, if you want to check out some more of Adam's fountain-pen adventures, be sure to follow him at @inksanddrink on Instagram.

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