Journalling during a pandemic

Who else is finding their journal to be a source of calm and comfort lately?

This Coronavirus pandemic is an event unlike anything any of us have ever previously faced (and hopefully never will again!) in our lifetimes. It's a scary, uncertain time.

I always find I am more relaxed and clear of mind if I write in my journal each day, and even more so when I'm trying to cope with something stressful or feeling worried. This is certainly one of those times!

I wrote an article about the benefits of keeping a journal some time ago. It's here if you want to read it:

Writing down your feelings and experiences can provide an emotional release and help to reduce stress. Physically writing on paper also helps the mind to focus and slow down your thoughts - especially useful when your mind is racing with worry and you're feeling overwhelmed.
It can be a great way for kids to cope with stressful events too.

There is another good reason to keep a journal in times like this. Years from now, personal stories and diary entries will be an important source of information for historians, who seek to learn more about the effects of big events like this. They give a unique perspective about what life was like for those who lived through it. Just think about Anne Frank's writing and how it helped to shape our knowledge of the events of World War II. Digital records are important too, but may not last well into the future, or future technologies may not be compatible with today's storage devices, and that information may be lost. But a paper journal can last for a century or more. 

If you've never kept a daily journal, now may be a good time to start, especially if you are stuck at home in isolation and looking for things to do. Who knows, you may come to appreciate the benefits of journalling for yourself and start a new lifelong habit!

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