Customer Feature - Zoe @zopoloko_creations

I met Zoe at the Brisbane Planner Market in 2017. She was attending the event with her Mum and they were so excited to have just discovered the world of bullet journaling and creative planning!

Zoe and her Mum

I was pretty chuffed when Zoe chose one of my journals - a dot grid notebook with white pages - for her first planner, and I love how she is using it, with a different theme for each for each month, to experiment with different colours and techniques.

the journal and other goodies that Zoe picked up at the Planner Market






I especially love this idea of a memory page for each month.

memory page with photos from that month


When I asked Zoe what she liked most about the journal, this is what she had to say:

"The paper you use is recycled so that is great for the environment. It's worked really well with everything I've tried so far... I can use ink pens without them going through the page, it doesn't warp too much if I do a light watercolour wash and it tolerates masking fluid without striping like other papers do. It's very pleasant to work with! I love using your book. The girls at work love the book too."


Thanks so much for sharing your journal pages Zoe! They look amazing!

If you want to se more of Zoe's journal and the other cool stuff she does, check out her Instagram account - @zopoloko_creations

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